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Get your Sprinkler Inspection BEFORE Having your Lawn Aerated & Seeded!

Watering your lawn as soon as you finish aerating and seeding your lawn will activate the seeds and start its growing process. After aerating and seeding you will need to water your lawn once or twice a day based on weather conditions to properly grow the new grass. Continue with those same watering routines until the new grass has reached the height of your existing lawn.

Conserva Irrigation offers a free full system inspection for homeowners planning to have their lawn aerated and seeded this fall. During our inspection, we’ll check each zone, inspect every sprinkler head and even run a test of your technology and system.

Irrigation Services Include:

The Conserva Process

Our job at Conserva Irrigation is to ensure you have the most efficient irrigation system year after year. That’s why we’ve created the perfect process to install, repair or maintenance your irrigation system. So whether you are looking to install a brand new sprinkler system or already have one in place, Conserva Irrigation can take care of your needs.

The first step in our process is to send one of our certified technicians to your property to complete a comprehensive analysis of your yard and current irrigation system. Our technician will examine the controller and rain sensor while running a test of each zone to look for lateral line leaks, broken sprinkler heads or poor design. The technician will give the irrigation system an efficiency score on a scale of 1-100 based on the findings.

Next, we will identify and suggest proper enhancements on any critical repairs or adjustments needed on your irrigation system. Conserva Irrigation uses flat rate quoting so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you receive your estimate.

Technology is an important piece in running an efficient irrigation system. This is why we take the time to educate the homeowner about smart irrigation technology and how it can save you both water and money. Upgrading your controller to the Toro EVOLUTION® controller with an onsite weather sensor will give you a significant water savings and reduce your water bill by up to 40%

Lastly, we off three seasonal maintenance packages to ensure that your Conserva Irrigation system is running properly and efficiently. With these packages not only will you get to take advantage of 10% off all repairs and upgrades, but you’ll also know that your lawn and landscape are being well taken care throughout the spring, summer and fall season!

As your Irrigation Professionals, we will:

  • Perform our proprietary SES inspection on your current irrigation system
  • Make recommendations on critical repairs and adjustments
  • Explore further opportunities to enhance your irrigation system
  • Upgrade inefficient, outdated irrigation technology with Toro Smart Irrigation Technology
  • Maintenance your irrigation system with one of our three seasonal packages

Water Savings. Money Savings. Passing Grade.

Conserva Irrigation offers a 12-point System Efficiency Score inspection to help your irrigation system run more efficiently. This includes an on-site inspection from one of our trained and experienced technicians. During the inspection we will look over the rain and weather sensor while also checking for line leaks and broken sprinkler heads that could be costing you money. We want to be as thorough as possible in reporting back to you so, we yield all results in writing and will give your irrigation system a rate from 1-100.

On average our customers see a 40% or better water savings with an efficient sprinkler system. So, no matter the grade you end up getting on your irrigation system, you’ll be pleased to know how your water is being used and where your money is actually going. Claim your complimentary system inspection today by calling Conserva Irrigation of Hampton Roads at 757-819-4191.

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Conserva Irrigation of Hampton Roads Provides Sprinkler System Repairs and Installations in the Following Areas:

Our Services

Less water. More savings. Healthy landscape.

Whether you’re in the market for a new outdoor irrigation system, or you have one that needs servicing, Conserva Irrigation can help. Thanks to our comprehensive five-step process, you can be assured that your outdoor sprinkler system will remain in peak performance, year after year. Best of all, we’ll help you conserve water and enjoy tangible savings on your water bill!


Our comprehensive testing and inspection summerization process will get your sprinkler system ready for summer. From properly programming your controller, to testing all sensors and conducting a full efficiency analysis, our summerization service is included in all of our residential and commercial maintenance packages.

Mid-Season Inspection

Our mid-season inspection services help you maintain your lawn and garden, no matter how extreme conditions become. We flag all problem areas and make the necessary adjustments zone by zone throughout your property.


Winter can be especially tough on irrigation systems. Our winterization services get your system ready for winter’s chill by turning off the water and controller, inspecting all heads, winterizing the vacuum breaker and completing a winterization system report.

Installation Services

We proudly partner with Toro to bring you the latest water conservation technologies available on the market. Our irrigation systems are designed for efficiency and effectiveness, taking into account such factors as precipitation rates, percolation rates, types of soil, slopes, and the amount of sun and shade hours your property enjoys. With a sprinkler system designed by Conserva, you’ll use 40-60% less water and have a beautiful green landscape to boot!


Satisfied customers: The strongest proof of our performance

Our standards are the highest that can be measured and Conserva has delivered impeccable services to us in every way.

I completely trust Conserva Irrigation for all of our watering needs and I would highly recommend this company.

I have had the pleasure of working with Conserva Irrigation for 3 years. When they delivered their initial presentation to us, I was impressed how they clearly and professionally informed us about the services they offered. More importantly though, Conserva Irrigation has fulfilled, time and time again, the very services they shared with us three years ago.

The functionality of their system is incredibly easy … the spring start-ups and fall blow-outs have been seamless.

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