Conserva Sprinkler Inspection

9 billion gallons of water per day is used for residential outdoor water use. This is due to most irrigation systems using an excessive amount of water which can result in several negative consequences.

If you’ve been experiencing issues with any of the below, it’s time to call Conserva Irrigation of Hampton Roads!

  • Broken sprinkler heads
  • Leaking sprinkler lines
  • Sprinkler alignment
  • Dry spots developing throughout the lawn
  • System won’t run or a zone is not working
  • Controller not working or turning on

These can have a major impact on your lawn and landscape which in turn will have a major impact on your wallet. That is why Conserva offers a free sprinkler inspection; to ensure your irrigation system runs efficiently and effectively to save you water and money.

What is the System Efficiency Score (SES)?

Here at Conserva Irrigation of Hampton Roads, we are passionate about conserving water used on our lawns and landscape. A trained and experienced technician will provide a complimentary 12-point System Efficiency Score. This full system evaluation will be like no other irrigation inspection you’ve had before. We will perform the inspection on-site so the technician can examine the entire sprinkler system. We will evaluate the function of your soil sensor, weather sensor and controller while running a test of your sprinkler system. During the run test we’ll walk zone-by-zone and inspect each and every sprinkler head looking for breaks, leaks or bubbles. Once we’ve completed the evaluation of your sprinkler system we will provide you with a thorough and detailed report that will yield the results in writing and will rate your system on a scale from 1-100.

Water Savings, Money Savings, Passing Grade

Water Savings

Did you know that over the course of one season, a sprinkler head lead can waste over 20,000 gallons of water? Now imagine if you have multiple broken, leaking sprinkler heads. Conserva Irrigation wants you to take advantage of our free sprinkler inspection. One of our technicians will complete the irrigation system inspection and then walk you through the report pointing out leaks or breaks that may be causing your sprinkler system to run in-efficiently. And just to make things easier on you, we make sure to carry every part needed to upgrade or adjust your sprinkler system on the spot.

Money Savings

On average our customers see a 40% or more water savings with an efficient sprinkler system which in turn reduces their water bill. Conserva Irrigation has put a process together that makes it as easy as ever to save money on your water bill. Lawn and landscape water account for 59% of the water usage on a residential property. That is why it is crucial to take advantage of smart irrigation technology and one of our maintenance plans for your sprinkler system.

Passing Grade

Our goal in working with you is to ease your mind that your irrigation system is as efficient as it can be. That is why we stock our Conserva Irrigation technicians with the proper parts and tools. No matter the age or state of your system we can easily retrofit and repair sprinkler heads on your existing system by using your current system’s backbone instead of replacing the entire system. By moving forward with our suggested repairs, we’ll in turn give you a passing grade of 100/100.

So, no matter what grade your system ends up being at the beginning of your sprinkler system inspection you will be thrilled you did it. Call Conserva Irrigation of Hampton Roads at 757-819-4191 or email us [email protected] to claim your complimentary system inspection today!

One of our Conserva Irrigation technicians will arrive on your property ready to work on any of your irrigation needs!

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