Sprinkler System Winterization is a Key Component of Sprinkler System Maintenance

While we may not experience the coldest winters in the country, it still gets cold enough to make winterizing your home’s irrigation system absolutely necessary. You may or may not be familiar with sprinkler system winterization, or sprinkler blowouts, but it’s an integral aspect of sprinkler system maintenance. If your sprinkler system isn’t correctly winterized, you could end up with major problems during a deep freeze. A few problems you may experience are busted backflow preventers, cracked sprinkler system water lines, cracked sprinkler heads and a system that’s completely destroyed and will need major repairs. Luckily, Conserva Irrigation of Hampton Roads offers a $75 sprinkler system winterization, just call us at 757-819-4191!

During your Hampton Roads area sprinkler system winterization, our professional irrigation technician will perform the following tasks:

  • Turn off your sprinkler system’s water supply
  • Evacuate all water from the system through via an air compressor
  • Winterize your system’s vacuum breaker
  • Perform a sprinkler system analysis, from top to bottom
  • Leave behind our winter SES (System Efficiency Score) and an estimate for sprinkler repairs

A Sprinkler System Winterization by Conserva Irrigation Also Includes a Full-Scale System Analysis

In addition to performing a sprinkler system blowout on your Hampton Roads area sprinkler system during our winterization process, we’ll also conduct a full sprinkler system inspection. Through our sprinkler system inspection, our highly trained irrigation technicians will be able to inspect and report on each head in each and every zone of your system. Once your system’s evaluation is complete, our technician will provide you with written documentation on all the necessary repairs and what can be done to make your sprinkler system operate more efficiently. Once the winterization has been completed, we’ll leave the detailed report from your system inspection with you and then contact you in the spring once it’s time to start your system up. It’s at this time that we’ll work with you on the suggested repairs we made note of during the winterization, then we’ll complete another comprehensive sprinkler system inspection.

No Freeze Damage Guarantee™

Our No Freeze Damage Guarantee™ promises that we will properly winterize your sprinkler system and that no damage* will occur from freezing temperatures. In the rare occasion that damage does occur, Conserva Irrigation, at no cost to you, will repair the damaged components of your sprinkler system.

When it comes to ensuring the longevity of your sprinkler system, it’s important to be proactive. That’s why you should schedule your sprinkler system’s winterization well in advance of freezing temperatures. Call Conserva Irrigation of Hampton Roads at 757-819-4191 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your sprinkler blowout.

*This excludes, but is not limited to, damage caused by freezing temperatures prior to Conserva winterizing the system. Or if the vacuum breaker assembly was not built correctly. Or if a zone would not operate properly and Conserva could not locate the valve to turn it on manually.

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