Sprinkler System Repair in Currituck, NC

Have you noticed that your home’s sprinkler system isn’t operating as effectively or efficiently as it did in the past? Are you noticing brown spots within your lawn? If you’re uncertain when the last time you had your Currituck, NC, sprinkler system inspected was, then consider calling the sprinkler system repair experts at Conserva Irrigation of Hampton Roads.

Brown spots forming in your yard could be from either over watering or under watering. Of course, you’ll never know unless you’ve fully inspected your sprinkler system from top to bottom. Most people associate a brown lawn with under watering. This is true, however, over watering your lawn can result in disease, increased pest activity and the death of your lawn’s root system. At Conserva Irrigation of Hampton Roads, we will ensure that your sprinkler system is delivering the optimal amount of water and, by doing so, that your lawn stays green and lush all year long.

If you have broken or leaking sprinkler heads, think about the amount of water that’s being wasted. If you’re on well water, then you may think nothing of it. If you’re on city water, then your literally wasting money as well as water. However, even on well water, this wasted water will have a negative impact on your lawn and landscape’s appearance. The zones where there are broken or leaking sprinkler heads will suffer and you’ll notice the water has caused the grass to grow more directly around the area where there’s a leak.

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