Sprinkler System Repair in Elizabeth City, NC

No matter what your sprinkler system woes may be, you can count on the friendly, local experts at Conserva Irrigation of Hampton Roads to resolve them. Not only will we resolve your current sprinkler system problems, but we’ll also educate you on what repairs may be needed in the near future. Through our free sprinkler system inspection, we’ll be able to point out exactly which areas of your system need immediate repair and what can wait. Additionally, we’ll also show you how, through smart irrigation technology, you can reduce your water usage for irrigation purposes and still maintain a green, lush lawn and landscape.

In addition to simple, basic repairs to your sprinkler system, Conserva Irrigation of Hampton Roads will also maintain your Elizabeth City, NC, sprinkler system. We offer three different maintenance packages that are all geared to fit your budget. Here are the three maintenance packages we offer:

  • Nice’ N Easy: A basic package to get you started with Conserva Irrigation. If you’re looking to prepare your irrigation system for the summer and winter seasons, then this is the package for you. We will perform a Spring Start-Up at the beginning of the season and follow up at the end of the season offering Winterization for your system.
  • Full Season: Making sure your system is working efficiently and effectively through the season, we will include a Spring Start-Up, Mid-Season Inspection and Winterization. The Mid-Season Inspection will ensure your landscape and lawn are being well taken care of even in the heat of the summer.
  • No Worries: Conserva Irrigation will go above and beyond with this package. Whether you need to update an outdated system or repair broken heads from a harsh winter, we will maximize the full potential of your sprinkler system. This package includes a Spring Start-Up, Mid-Season Inspection, Winterization and Common repairs*.
    *Common repairs include 10 head replacements, 3 lateral line leak repairs and 3 valve repairs/replacements. These exclude plumbing repairs and controller or sensor problems.

A mid-season inspection is especially important during the dry heat of summer. Irrigation systems should be running efficiently and getting head-to-head coverage to help maintain the quality of your lawn. If you’re noticing brown or yellow spots throughout your yard, there could be a broken sprinkler head or line leak. The mid-season inspection will alert our certified and experienced technician of a possible issue and fix it on-site for you. Your Elizabeth City, NC, sprinkler system is an investment, make sure you protect that investment with professional maintenance of your system.

So let Conserva Irrigation of Hampton Roads help you be worry-free year after year with one of our three seasonal packages. Call us at 757-819-4191 to schedule a complimentary system inspection and learn more about our maintenance services.

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