Toro – Partnering with Simply the Best in Irrigation

Conserva Irrigation and Toro have partnered together to help conserve water through residential irrigation systems. Not only do we partner in irrigation innovation but we share the same passion in helping residents save money on their irigation water use.

Leaders in Innovation

Toro has worked for 101 years to refine the craft to be the world leader in irrigation. Over those 101 years, 50 of them were dedicated to perfecting the sprinkler system provided for residential use. From spray nozzles to drip irrigation kits, Toro has created an efficient and effective irrigation system that will help conserve water through smart irrigation technology.

The EVOLUTION® smart controllers, Precision™ Soil Sensors, and hand-held remotes created by Toro® have revolutionized the watering industry today. Toro’s product line is typically only used for commercial use. But Conserva Irrigation and Toro have partnered together to deliver top-of-the-line, water conserving tools to help residents run the most efficient sprinkler system. No matter the irrigation system, whether we install a new system or replace broken sprinkler heads, you can be certain that we are using the highest quality of Toro® products on your system.

Rewarding Good Behavior

At Conserva Irrigation our goal is to conserve water while saving our clients money. For this reason, we off our clients a complimentary 12-point lawn and sprinkler system analysis that will produce a System Efficiency Score (SES) from 1-100 to reveal the current state of the system. A Conserva Irrigation technician will complete an inspection and suggest any repairs or upgrades that were found. Before leaving the property we will work to adjust or repair any broken sprinkler heads or line leaks to improve the score of your irrigation system. Homeowners who score a 75 or higher on the SES will be rewarded a 20% discount on any system repairs or upgrades that might be required.

Conserving water with your Hampton Roads irrigation system has never been easier with smart irrigation technology. We upgrade irrigation systems by using wireless technology such as the EVOLUTION® controller. This smart controller can tap into over 40 years of weather data for a specific property to help create the ideal watering patterns for the landscape. The controller also provides a dual panel, one for the homeowner and one for the service technician, this gives easy access for homeowners to control run times. Smart irrigation technology can save time, money and water.

Partners That Care

As professional sprinkler care-takers it is important to us to help save our clients money on the water used for the irrigation. One broken sprinkler head can waste over 20,000 gallons of water over the course of a season. That’s like throwing money down the drain! With the proper care and maintenance put in place, we’ve helped our clients save up to 40% on their water bills. By utilizing Toro smart irrigation technology, we will help keep money in your wallet and conserve water.


For 50 years Toro has work to perfect the sprinkler system.

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